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Intl. CH. Avita Bigity Bam! Taser's at Aristo
CH. Crestfield Its Sno Big Deal, J.C.   x   Dual CH. Avita Moet & Chandon, T.D., M.C., FCh., C.D.
Breeder: Cheryl Boyer
Avita Whippets
Taser was born May 15, 2009, but it feels like he has always been here.  It is
pleasing and a bit unexpected that all of the dogs absolutely love him,
considering he's the oddball with spots!  In January 2012, Taser achieved his
International Champion title, and the judges went NUTS saying how much
they liked his topline, outline, and movement!!!  Taser has accumulated 11
points toward his AKC Championship, with many compliments on his clean
movement.  Not bad for little old me who has never shown a Whippet before!  
We had fun doing racing, and people were shocked at how fast he is, since
they were expecting him to be "just a show dog"!

Taser has a fun and cheerful attitude toward life, however, he decided that he
would rather live in a home where he was the only dog.  This lucky boy now
lives in the Wine Country with a family that truly cherishes him, and he gets
ALL of their attention for himself!

Taser, known as Nico, passed peacefully in March 2020, surrounded by his
family who loved him the last 6 years of his life.  He will always be the Prince of
our hearts.
At 10 weeks old.
And at 12 weeks.
Taser and his new buddy, Vino.
Game On!!!!!!!   Taser joins right into our usual weavel game
on the front lawn.  Look how high Vino can jump!
Success!  Taser grabs the
weavel, and Brenna even lets
him keep it... for awhile
Looks like we're both happy!!!
CERF: normal
DNA: V586398
Here's my new boy at about 3 months old.  
He copies everything his "big brother" Vino
does-too sweet.
Taser at 7 months old at our first
show.  He won Best of Winners for his
first point...talk about starting off with a
bang-I guess he is appropriately named!
In April, 2010, we meet with some family.  From left
to right: father Gambler, brother Chase, Taser, mom
Big Mo.  Not only does he have a handsome family,
but they have GREAT temperaments, too!!
Nice wins while he is still a young dog.  Go Taser!
Taser is ready to run!
(Photo by O'Brien)
(Photo by Cook Phodography)
I joined a new Club in Spring 2011, Northstate Flying
Hounds, and I have had a ball learning about racing.  Taser
qualified to run straight races right away.  Talk about born
to run, WOW!
After many wins as a young dog, Taser took
almost 2 years off from showing for racing, and
waiting for me to raise 2 litters of Vizsla puppies.  
Finally, back in the ring as a 3-year-old, he wins
back to back Best Of Winners!!  Here he is
pictured at home after his winning weekend,
August 2012.
In 2013, Taser became grumpy around my other male dogs.  
Even though I neutered him, he decided that he had to be
first in everything, so it was a competitive thing.  In order for
him to be happy, and not feel he needed to compete for
everything, I made the truly difficult decision to find him a new

I am very lucky that his new owners are experienced
Sighthound people.  They have a beyond-beautiful home with
large formal gardens, and Taser fits in with their family like he
always belonged there.
I miss you little buddy!