Vizsla Litter 2011
My 2 cents on breeding in general...
The point of breeding dogs, in my humble opinion, is to bring healthy
companions into the world so that humans' lives can be enriched and more
enjoyable.  We all know that there is a pet overpopulation problem, so I
breed VERY selectively, and not often (6 litters since 1985).  I feel a
tremendous responsibility to the puppy, and I am here for the entire lifetime
of any dog I produce for support, guidance, and re-homing if necessary.  
Since I have a passion for conformation, I breed for excellence in the show
ring, AND, since a Vizsla is not a Vizsla if it doesn't love to hunt and to please
his master, I breed for those qualities as well.

Please feel free to inquire about more details on anything from pedigrees to
health guarantees and temperament testing.

The Vizsla Club of America condemns the breeding of dogs who show any of
the following: hip dysplasia, epilepsy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA),
entropion, Von Willebrand's Disease, and cranial muscular atrophy.  We
follow these ethical guidelines, and in addition, we test for other eye and
thyroid problems, and do our best to avoid cancer which is far too common.  
I am constantly researching the latest health information, and all of my dogs'
DNA has been donated to all the major research studies in the United States.
I encourage other breeders to do the same.
Vizsla Litter 2011

Born April 17, 2011

Sire: UKC BIS GrCH/Am. & Intl CH. Sugar Kokeny, CGC TD JH RN
ROM  called "Budha"
Dam: CH. Criodain's Brenna of Aristo, CGC    called "Brenna"
Below are photos and more information about both of the parents.  If you
want to see even more about
Budha and some of his previous puppies,
please go to the Wasatch Mountain Vizslas website  His gracious owner, Judy Campbell,
made the following marvelous collages.
If you want to see even more about
Brenna, please go to her page
elsewhere on this website.
More photos of Budha:
More photos of Brenna:
I am happy to report that many of the potential puppy people calling about
this litter are anxious to hear WHY I specifically chose to breed Brenna and
Budha together, and what my goals are for this litter.  I will try to be brief
(dog people can go on and ON, so be careful what you ask for!)

First, why am I breeding Brenna?  It took me many years to acquire a bitch
that I consider breeding quality...I am very, very picky.  I have 2 main goals
with breeding in general, and Brenna fits both of those goals, namely, to
improve the
health and temperament of this very unique and fantastic
breed.  These might sound like easy goals, but to find them at high levels, in
a bitch with nice conformation, a great pedigree, and with a super-outgoing
personality is extremely rare.  Of course, there is no perfect dog (or bitch),
so the areas I want to improve on Brenna is that she needs more size and
substance, she is possessive about her food bowl (I can't stand that), and
she has an all-American pedigree, which I feel needs some diversifying.  
Which brings me to Budha.

I chose Budha because he himself is an awesome dog in many ways.  He
loves to please his owner, and has literally excelled in many different types of
activities from Hunting to Tracking, Obedience, etc.  I can relax when I am
around him because he does not have that spooky type of temperament that
I see so often in Vizslas.  Physically he is very healthy, and so are his
parents, who are currently resting on the couch in Hungary.  In addition to
being a great dog himself, he is a super match for Brenna because he
"answers" each of her "weaknesses".  He has the physical substance she
needs, he is not possessive, and he has that all-important new blood from
Europe that I hope will help strengthen the gene pool in this country.

Both Brenna and Budha are surprisingly good with children, which is not
always the case with Vizslas.  I am happy to discuss more, just ask!


These little guys are fascinating to watch, and I look forward
to watching their individual temperaments develop.
(Photo by Sheryl
Pictured here with only 2 more days to go
until the puppies are born, a very fat Brenna
is blooming!  She has gained 10 pounds,
which is a lot for her to carry when she
normally only weighs 33 pounds.
The puppies were born April 17, 2011!   We are blessed to
have 3 bouncing boys, and 2 gorgeous girls.  
After much anticipation, the puppies arrived April 17, 2011...I was lucky to have
a healthy mix of 3 boys and 2 girls.  Below you can see Ms. Lavender's face, and
Brenna being an awesome Mommy.  Also you can see the "stripes" on Mr. Green
(don't worry, they disappear)-what a treat to see newborn Vizslas.
More pictures will appear below as the puppies grow, including into adulthood.
They're Heeeeeere!!!!
Day 3: Today they are sporting their newly cropped
tails.  On the far right, you can see Tiny Mr. White
next to Big Mr. Red.
Keep eating, little guy!
Mr. White is singing, and the boys
(Vino and Taser) are VERY curious
about all that noise coming from
the whelping room.
Mr. Green uses his mother as a
pillow.  Is this cute or what?!
Day 9:  They are ready for their first close-up.  Look
at Miss Pink, she's already a Diva, waving at the
Mr. Red
Mr. Green
Mr. White
Miss Pink
Miss Lavender
Brenna has just stepped into the Whelping Box,
and is waking up the kids.  They are yawning!
Day 12: Their eyes are just starting to
crack open.  They won't be able to really
see for about another week.  This is Mr.
This is what a well-fed, happy and sleepy
litter looks like.  I am thankful for Brenna
being such a natural and terrific Mother.
Two and a half weeks old, May 4, 2011.
On May 6, they are starting to walk, and even
though they can not see yet, they are noticing
each other.  I call the above photo "The
On the left is Miss Lavender looking lovely, and
below Mr. Green is trying to stand.
Eyes wide open!  Here are the boys, from left
to right: Green, White, Red.  May 10, 2011.

Below are the girls, Pink on the left, and
Lavender on the right.
The pups will be 4 weeks old tomorrow, and today they
moved into their new daytime pen.  Those of you who come
to visit will see them here, but they will still sleep in the
whelping room at night because is it warmer.
It's full speed ahead during playtime, but then Great Aunt Suzie quietly supervises as they sleep.
Got Milk?     At 4 1/2 weeks (1 month) old, this litter of 5
large puppies is nursing and eating puppy kibble with
cooked lean beef and milk replacer.  Brenna is getting
skinny, trying to keep up with the demand, so we will
wean the pups within a week.
At 1 month old, these are their first stacked photos.  My friend, an AKC
Field Trial Judge, helped me get these pictures, and she is very
impressed with each puppy in this litter!   Yippee!
The boys, from top left:
Green, Red, White...obviously
Mr. White loves to show off!
Miss Pink (left) and Miss Lavender
(right) did not care that they were
on a table.
My sleeping Red Angels, May 20, 2011.
At 5 weeks old, the pups are now
playing outside.
Great Aunt Suzie is very gentle
with little Miss Lavender, even
though this girl is looking for
lunch in all the wrong places.
Here comes Mr. Green.
Hello Instinct!  Mr. White points the
blackbirds on the other side of this
Mr. Red hits a dynamite free stack while
looking at his half brother, Vino.
All of the puppies were very
adventurous on their maiden journey
outside, this should indicate that they
will not have seperation anxiety.  
Also, the first car ride was well
tolerated, hardly any whining, and no that's a good day!
In between these crazy late May thunderstorms, we
took the pups out to the pasture for a romp.  
Obviously I am in my element!
Miss Pink and Mr. Green kiss.
Mr. Green
Miss Lavender and Mr. Red
Mr. White relaxes while Mr.
Green thinks about
jumping on the camera.
They are finally beginning to get
tired, and Miss Pink smiles.
Ready for the car ride back to the house.
In between the thunderstorms we had many visitors
coming to play with the puppies this week.  A big
Thank You to my friends who brought their children,
even as young as 6 months old.  
Many of the photos in this section were taken by
Aimee, a Puppy Person from Brenna's first litter.  
You can see her above, hard at work trying to
capture these speed demons on film.
A quick break for lunch, then back to wrestling in earnest.
Pink coming to you!
Mr. Red
Who is watching whom?
Miss Lavender is getting sleepy, very sleepy.
Puppy Kisses!!!
After all the excitement with visitors, they
are tired enough to SIT for a photo!  
Good Puppies!
L to R: Red, Pink, White, Green, Lavender.
June 4, 2011: a BIG Thank You to my friends and fellow Vizsla breeders Kit
and Jessica for spending 8 hours at my house evaluating these puppies.  
They tested for Scenting ability, Hunting instinct, Temperament, Aptitude, and
Show Conformation.  Above you can see the boys stacked (standing in a
show stance), and below are the girls.  It is difficult to get these little ones to
stand still, so of course their poses are not perfect (yet!).
Which pup is your pick to be the next big winner?
We did swimming lessons this week, and Red was the
most nervous, but got the idea right away.  Pink was the
fastest, and Green was the most natural swimmer.  
Lavender just wanted to drink the entire hot tub (cooled
for their comfort), and White was a deadweight, he
needs more practice.

Above you can see Green asking to go back in for
another turn.
Taser the Whippet plays with the girls, he is glad
that he is no longer the baby in the family!
Never a dull moment here at Aristo Acres, above the pups
"play" with our pet turkey, and below they leap into the
excitement with a pheasant on a string.
Mr. Red takes a break and rests on the chair.  It is
intriguing to witness their personalities developing,
Mr. Red always wants to climb onto everything,
whether it is a good idea or not!
Lavender is out like a light...a sure sign of a
fun day had by all.
We repeated the Temperament Tests, Aptitude Tests,
and Conformation Evaluations at 8 weeks old, and now
must decide which puppy is perfect for each home.  
Below you can see each of my pups stacked, ready for
a show...they are all Winners!!!
Mr. Green says, "Pick me, pick me!"
Miss Lavender
Both of these are Miss Pink, I could not choose just one
Mr. Green
Mr. White
Mr. Red
I can not believe that my little red babies who arrived in the
middle of a dark and stormy night only 2 months ago, will
be gone within 1 week.  Well, we might keep one or two for
awhile...funny how that happens!

I have done my best to prepare them for becoming
excellent canine citizens, and loving companions for their
new families.  I hope they enjoy their new puppy as much
as I have!!!
This is the last evening the whole litter will be together.  
The first pup goes to his new home in the morning.  I
spend so much time getting to know the personality of
each puppy in order to place them with the right is hard to let them go.  My only consolation is
the happiness on the new family's face when they take
home the new addition.
Miss Pink.  Pretty, huh?
Mr. White uses his sister as a pillow.
I guess that's Good Night for Mr. Red!
Above is Mr. White at 8 weeks, and below at almost 4 months
old.  He originally went to live with his new family in San
Francisco, but he turned out NOT to be a cityslicker.  
Since coming back home, we named him Boomer, since he
"boomeranged" back to us.  He is so lovable that another family
fell in love with him in 2015, so he stayed with them when I
moved back East.
Mr. White (left) rests next to Miss Pink, now called Zara.  
August 2011.
Mr. White floats across the yard while Miss
Lavender, now called Lila (Leela) hurries to get
out of his way.  August 2011.
At this time (about June 20, 2011) all the pups went to their new
homes, except Miss Pink who stayed here as my new princess, and
Miss Lavender who stayed here until 4 months old, when she was
able to go her new home in Utah, with her father.  Just before Miss
Lavender went to her new home, Mr. White unexpectedly came back,
so I was raising 3 pups for awhile...crazy!
Puppyhood is over, and now the real fun begins.  Below
you can see each of the pups as they mature, and bring
fun and sometimes challenging moments to their new
owners...whatever the situation, each family wonders how
they ever lived life without a Vizsla as their constant
Mr. Red, now called Rex, went home to Nevada, where he
hopes to become a Search and Rescue you can see
from the above photo, he is a natural-born tracker!
Above: Rex gets ready for a nap, can you say CUTE?!

Below: Rex and his new family visit Budha (Rex's
Dad), and Judy does some early birdwork with
him...again, a natural!
Mr. Green, now called Brodie, snoozes during his last
afternoon at my house.  His new family lives only about 2
1/2 hours away from me, so I luckily get to see him every
few months.
Above: Brodie is growing up to be a handsome fella, huh?!

Below: He enjoys a foggy day at the beach in January, 2012
with his new family.  Lucky dog!
After Boomer came back home, he was lucky enough
to have 2 of his sisters, along with my other dogs,
with which to play.  Talk about Puppy Kindergarten at
home!  Above you can see the threesome, left to
right: Boomer, Zara, Lila in August, 2011.

Boomer has his own page elsewhere on this website,
but here are a few photos just for fun.
While growing, puppies go through a
"gangly-looking" period, and here is Boomer
doing just that.  However, Boomer has
inherited the highest quality conformation
from both his parents, and it will show itself
again as an adult.  I am sooo looking forward
to showing this half-European boy in
Above:  Boomer breaks from the line with
gusto, heading off to search for the birds.

Below: Boomer being Boomer...having fun with
a laid-back attitude in the pasture at home,
January 2012.
Miss Pink, now called Zara, was my chosen one,
and she has exceeded all of my expectations so
far.  Her name means "Radiance", and it suits
her perfectly.  She has her own page elsewhere
on this website, but she wanted to fit in with
her brothers and sisters, so here are a few
photos of Zara.
Zara is never afraid to try new things, and
heartily goes into the canister to retrieve the
bone within the loud, crackling plastic "jar".
Above you can see Zara doing some big
winning for a little girl, Go ZARA!

Below: Zara is full speed ahead in search
of the birds near the river, January 2012.
Miss Lavender, now called Lila (pronounced Leela), is a positively
sweet and gentle girl, who has learned so much before her first
birthday, that I think she is a gifted puppy!

Lila's home is with several Vizslas, including her father (Budha) in
Utah, and her new owners, Judy and Lane Campbell of Wasatch
Mountain Vizslas.  She earned her Junior Hunter title, her Canine
Good Citizen title, her NAVHDA NA Prize II title, her Tracking Dog
title, her Coursing Ability title, and her UKC Champion title as a
youngster, and finished her Championship as an adult with a
5-point major!.
Lila is a busy girl, and you can see much more about her at
Before she left my house, Lila enjoyed the
river, and tracking the pigeon that was
planted in these shrubs.
Now in her new home, this lovely and soulful
young lady starts her hunting training in
earnest.  It pays off with straight passes and
very high scores during her Junior Hunt Tests.
A proud moment for Judy, Lila's Owner, Trainer,
and Handler as she earns her Junior Hunter title at
only 7 months old!
Lila points a quail.  She passes her North American Versatile Hunting
Dog Association (NAVHDA) test with style, just before her first
Birthday!  This is a very difficult test, including water retrieves, and
tracking a flightless, running live bird, in addition to the hunting and
"cooperation" exercises.  

Talk about a versatile Vizsla!!! But wait, there's more:
Rex loves to hike in the hills...handy that the dirt
is the same color as the dog, huh?
February 2012.
Rex's Hunt training continues in 2011.
The sign is true!  Rex visits his sister, Lila.  Feb. 2012.
Rex looks like his uncle Sawyer in this
photo.  Sometimes it is eerie the similarities
in families...and some people say they all
look alike-huh?
Photo by Sherry McGuire

Brodie is already handsome at almost one year old.
Brodie kickin' back on the boat, Summer 2012.
Above I am showing Brodie, but his family soon
"caught the dog show bug", so they learned how
to do it, and now his Mom does an excellent job
all by herself!  See the evidence below:
Big Winners: Brodie and Sherry!!!
November 2012.
Image by Kit.
Photo by Sherry McGuire

Brodie is an adult now, he just
had his second Birthday!
Brodie gets his first title: Canine Good Citizen
(CGC), ably handled by his 12-year-old owner.

Nicely done!!!
April 2013.
To see more about Zara, go to her page
elsewhere on this website.

There were only 2 girls in this litter, and they are very
different from each other in both looks and temperament.  
I knew I wanted to keep one, but it turned out that the
stud owner wanted a girl also.  I had my eye on Miss Pink
from the beginning, but Miss Lavender also had the
qualities I wanted as a breeder and lifelong owner, so we
thought it would be a difficult task to decide which girl
would stay here, and which would go.  Amazingly, the
decision was easy, since the girls are so different, it was as
if one was literally made to order for each of us.

Thank heaven for little girls!!!
CH. and UKC CH. Aristo's Mona Lila of Wasatch Mtns, TD, CGC, JH, CA,
Photo by Kohler.
The versatility continues..above Lila wins at a show in
Idaho, and below she is coursing the lure.
Usually lure coursing is done by Sighthounds, but
Vizslas will hunt whatever you train them to hunt,
even a fake "bunny" (plastic bag on a rope).
I just love this face!!!
You can see it in her eyes that Lila has a
heart of gold.
August 2012.
Aristo's Ranger Rex
Aristo's Brodie, CGC
Big News...Lila becomes a Mommy!!!
Lila was bred to Retro, and on February 20, 2014, she
had a litter of 1 Vizsla, and several stuffed animals.
You can see more on her owner's website  
She is a loving and attentive mother...this little red
baby girl will be spoiled!!
Fast forward 2 years, and Lila has become a Mom again!  See
her fantastic litter of 6 strong puppies born just after Easter
2016, thus the bunny ears.
Lila had 5 boys and 1 girl, and they are keeping
her very busy!!  My dogs send Best Wishes to
these beautiful babies, who are their niece,
nephews, and grandpups.  You can see more
about these cuties on Judy Campbell's website