Vizsla Litter 2012
Although I was not intending to breed a litter this year,
Nature had other plans.  Sometimes the best things in life
are not planned, and therefore I am pleased to announce
birth of 2 boys and 5 girls on April 26, 2012!

The sire of this litter is Vino, and the dam is Zara.  Below
are some photos of them, and you can see many more
details about each of them on their own page elsewhere
on this website.

Despite the fact that this particular litter was not planned for this time,
my principles hold true:

My 2 cents on breeding in general...
The point of breeding dogs, in my humble opinion, is to bring healthy
companions into the world so that humans' lives can be enriched and
more enjoyable.  We all know that there is a pet overpopulation
problem, so I breed VERY selectively, and not often (6 litters since
1985).  I feel a tremendous responsibility to the puppy, and I am here
for the entire lifetime of any dog I produce for support, guidance, and
re-homing if necessary.  Since I have a passion for conformation, I
breed for excellence in the show ring, AND, since a Vizsla is not a Vizsla
if it doesn't love to hunt and to please his master, I breed for those
qualities as well.

Please feel free to inquire about more details on anything from
pedigrees to health guarantees and temperament testing.

The Vizsla Club of America condemns the breeding of dogs who show
any of the following: hip dysplasia, epilepsy, Progressive Retinal
Atrophy (PRA), entropion, Von Willebrand's Disease, and cranial
muscular atrophy.  We follow these ethical guidelines, and in addition,
we test for other eye and thyroid problems, and do our best to avoid
cancer which is far too common.  I am constantly researching the latest
health information, and all of my dogs' DNA has been donated to all
the major research studies in the United States. I encourage other
breeders to do the same.
Zara is blooming like the wildflowers in our
pastures.  She is pictured here on April 16,
2012, with 9 days left of her pregnancy.
Vizsla Litter 2012

Born: April 26, 2012

Boys: Red, Light Blue
Girls: Yellow, Purple, Lime, White, Orange

Sire: GCH. and Intl. CH. Aristo's King Vino Gift of the Vine, CD,
Dam: GCH. Aristo's Zensational Zara, CGC
Vino wins at a show in October 2011.
Zara wins at a show in November, 2011.
Zara is pointing to a toy she wants to steal from her
brother, Boomer.  Her temperature dropped today
(April 24, 2012), indicating that she should whelp in
about 24 hours, but she is very calm as of Tuesday
afternoon, so ??

Above and below are pictures of Zara with 1 day left
to go in her pregnancy.
Perspective.  Brenna in the blue collar is
displaying a normal, trim Vizsla waistline, while
Zara is very fat with only 1 more day to go until
the puppies are born.
Zara naps after the first pup is born.
Zara delivered all 7 from 5:18pm to 10:15pm, with only
15 minutes between each of the middle four puppies.  
She was popping them out like a candy dispenser!

Meet the whole gang:

Boys: Red and Light Blue.
Girls: Yellow, Purple, Lime, White and Orange.
The puppies finally arrived, 1 day past the due date.  We
have a good-sized litter of 7 healthy, hungry newborns!

As you know, Zara is ethically, and some might argue
biologically, too young to be a Mother, but thankfully she
gave birth easily.  I was very worried about this whole
unplanned pregnancy, but thankfully things went extremely
well.  Zara is fine, but I have tons more gray hair!
Here you can see the stripes that some Vizslas are
born with, but they disappear in a few days.
Above you can see the largest, Miss Orange, and the
smallest, Miss Purple.  I will make sure the tiny girl gets
more milk, but don't worry, for those of you who were
following my last litter, the "runt" turned out to be a
moose, weighing 65 pounds!

I have similar high hopes for precious Miss Purple.
Zara is a very attentive mother, to each and every pup.
Since so many of you are interested in boys, I thought
you would like to see them up closer.  Mr. Red and Mr.
Light Blue have their work cut out for them, being
raised in a litter with so many girls-HA!
Pictured at about 25 hours old.
Are you ready for this?  Even though Zara
gave birth (7 times!) just 2 days ago, she is
feeling fit enough to lead the pack in a romp
around the pasture.
Today's cute close-up is Miss
Lucky shot...I caught Miss Orange and Miss White
holding hands!
(Two days old).
Day 3.  Notice their long tails.  Tomorrow they will have
their tails docked and dewclaws removed.  This is done
to avoid major amputation surgery later in life, if one
of these areas becomes injured.  I personally owned a
dog of another breed, who did not have her dewclaws
removed, and when it snagged on something in the
yard-whoa, the blood!  Trust me, you do not want to
deal with this later!
Momma Zara and Baby Girl Lime snuggle.  
See?  You thought I was kidding when I said
that Vizslas are literally born to snuggle!
The puppies can not see or hear yet, but they can
smell their Mama has just entered the whelping box.  
They are going in every direction, trying to find her.
5 days old.
They had their tails and dewclaws done yesterday,
and everything went well.  
It looks like Zara is smiling, but that CAN'T be
comfortable!?!  Look how much the puppies
have already grown in just 5 days.
Mr. Light Blue is sticking his tongue out at me!
Sweet Dreams, Miss White!
Vizslas love to lie on their backs.  First, Zara does it,
then Mr. Light Blue copies her.
Every time Zara and I leave the room, the
puppies arrange themselves into interesting
formations...a chinese character?  a lined-up
box of sardines?
Everyone in the first photo is asleep.  
Then, Zara notices she has a little sleeping
monkey on her back.  She just kissed her
and went back to sleep.
Miss Orange slept through her Mama's kiss
Today is May 4, 2012, and the puppies are one week old!  
They are very strong, and Miss White and Miss Orange
are already trying to walk.  They had their first nail trim
last night, and I filed their front feet so they would not
scratch Zara when feeding.
Thank you to all the people who have sent good wishes
for my new litter!!!
Here I am with Miss Purple and Miss Yellow
at 9 days old.
Grandma Brenna and Daddy Vino
peer in at the new brood.  Brenna
stepped right into the whelping
box and started licking the babies
like they were hers.
Look at Vino's expression when I told him all of this
was his fault!  "I'm Sorry!".
Today's formation is the letter "R"...see it??
It is always exciting when their eyes start to open!  
The first pup to crack (pardon the expression) was
Miss Orange, followed by Mr. Light Blue.  They won't
be able to see for several more days, but I already feel
a closer connection to them (they say the eyes are
the window to the soul).
White is looking for dinner...she is very
The boys (Mr. Light Blue and Mr. Red) discuss
an escape plan to get out of the little box while
the whelping box is being cleaned.
Apparently Mr. Light Blue decides to try and
escape from the whelping box as well.  Time
to attach the front door now that they are
walking (barely).
Miss Lime takes a moment out of her busy feeding
schedule to wish all the Moms out there a Happy
Mother's Day!!!
They are 2 1/2 weeks old now, and all of
them can toddle around like they are walking,
including tiny Miss Purple.  This afternoon
was a new development...they can hear!

The little munchkins are 3 weeks old, and here is a progress report:

They can hear, but not see my hand waving in front of their face yet.
They can walk, but are very unsteady, and crash into each other
Their front teeth are coming in, and they have found their voices!  It
sounds like a flock of seagulls cawing in the whelping room when they call
Zara in for a feeding.
I had to put the front door on the whelping box so they would not
escape, and in a week they will be out of the box for good.
Poor Mr. Red looks pitiful all alone in the
corner like that.
Miss Yellow tries to cut across the line to jockey
for a good feeding position.
Miss Yellow tries to pounce on Mr. Red,
but is very wobbly.  They are just
becoming aware of a world outside of
themselves, and it is amazing to watch the
Miss Yellow sniffs her way back to
the feeding frenzy, then takes a
rest by there a word
cuter than cute?!
In 2 days, the pups will be 4 weeks old.  
Here they are waiting in the little box while I
clean the whelping box.  Orange is
complaining, and wants her Mommy, and
Lime is thinking about an escape.
Miss Orange is demonstrating the
supine position, which is one of their
regular exercises.
For those of you seeking a show
dog, look at Miss Purple's perfect
natural stance!  
Mr. Light Blue immediately knows
what to do with his first toy.
Growing, but still the smallest, Miss Purple
weighs 3 pounds, 3 ounces.  Miss Lime is in the
middle of the pack at an even 4 pounds.
Now 4 weeks old, their eyes are wide open, and
they can see most things.
Milestone: their first feeding!  With most litters, the first
feeding is more of a food fight than actually an eating
contest.  But, this litter wasted no time and got right
down to consuming the home-made mush.
Of course, after the feeding was their first bath for
obvious reasons.
A bird's eye view of the feeding frenzy.
The big move: they are grown enough to spend their
days in the pen in my home office, but still sleep in the
whelping box at night.  Notice the potty pan on the left,
they knew within minutes what to do there, and our
visitors were amazed!  Good puppies!
It was a busy Memorial Day weekend, with 4 sets of visitors,
including a 1 1/2 year old human baby (great
socialization!).  Both humans and puppies needed a good
rest.  Miss White gets one-on-one time on the couch.
Puppies at play May 29, 2012.
Miss White is attacking the new "toy" fear
here!  We have not put our rubbish into the puppy
pen, these are what the dog psychologists call
"consequential" toys...something happens to them
when the pup touches them.  For example, this
lightweight cardboard box gives way under the
pup's weight, preparing her for unsteady footing in
her life ahead.  Plastic water bottles have a scary
crackling sound, and they roll, again, preparing the
pup for unexpected consequences when it touches
Miss Orange is Queen of the box!
Miss Purple and Mr. Light Blue tackle it together.
Mr. Light Blue is yawning...I guess all of this
learning really tires them quickly!
What a patient mother; Zara nurses her
growing brood even though they have very
sharp teeth and nails.  See the blanket under
them?  Each pup goes home with a blanket
and toy that smells like their first home to ease
the transition.
The pups are 5 weeks old now, and this is
their first day outside.  They are in a pen to
help protect against the hawks and owls in
our area.  Miss Lime is showing off her
"show dog" look.
Their first swimming pool is a sled filled with water.  
Mr. Blue is bravely testing this new contraption.
Mr. Red wants to 'ask the audience" if this
is a good idea.
Miss Yellow was timid the first day outside, but
today is the second day, and she trots across
the yard like a confident show-off.  What a
difference a day makes.
Miss Lime gives us a funny smile...she's
probably wondering why her crazy human
mother keeps taking all these photos...maybe
she wanted to bathe in the sled privately?
My Seven Sensations are 6 weeks old now, and everything is
a new, exciting experience for them.  I know some people
think raising puppies is all fun and games, but last weekend
we had a rough time with vomiting puppies.  Let me tell you
that it IS possible for seven puppies to poop and puke at the
same time!  Suffice it to say that we needed a HazMat team in
here to clean, and we ended up all in the shower together.  
Thankfully they are better now, and the Vets and I are still
not sure why they got sick.  

After their recovery, I was able to get some one-at-a-time
portraits of each pup, enjoy the precious pictures below!
Mr. Red
Miss Yellow
Miss Purple
Miss Lime
Miss White
Miss Orange
Mr. Light Blue

Puppies are fun, but I encourage each person looking for
a new family member to take the time to research which
breed, which breeder, and which individual pup will be
right for them.
Zara hangs out with her puppies while they
sleep in between play sessions.
Taser is using dog body language and
inviting Mr. Red to play.  Look below...Mr.
Red confidently accepts the invitation and
trots towards his new buddy.
Game On!!!  I am very lucky that all 3 of my adult males
are careful around the little puppies.
By some miracle, I actually had the camera handy
when 3 of the girls sat still for a moment.  Miss
Lime Green and Miss Purple and Miss Orange are
natural posers.
In my effort to produce well-rounded puppies, I show
them different things each day, so that they will not be
"spooky" out in the real world.  So far, even loud and
crazy things have not phased this litter, but today I
found something that made them take a step back...a
remote control car.
Here are some of the girls checking out the car with
their mother, Zara.
This smart puppy is watching the
car zip around the yard from a
safe spot.
People often call me wanting a dog that will not
be afraid of problem here!
After a long day of games and new
experiences, Miss White has a seat on the
lawn, while Miss Lime rests her head on her
brother, Mr. Light Blue.
The next day, Father's Day, is still hot at
101 degrees, and the pups love playing
with the hose.  Miss Purple is trotting
away with it while her siblings play in the
spray at the end.  This hose is actually
very heavy, you can call little Miss Purple
"Mighty Might!".
Miss White likes to stay cool under the
Redwood trees.  If you have Redwood
trees, please wrap the trunks with
wire fencing, if the pups eat the bark,
it can become stuck in their digestive
tract very easily.
The temperament testing was done today, but I still need to evaluate
all the scores, and they will have more show and hunt testing by other
people later this week.  Therefore, we will not know precisely which
puppy is going to which home until next weekend...I know, the waiting
is agony!  (I've been in your shoes many times).
Today we did some hunting practice, with a
live pigeon wrapped in a harness so it can not
fly away.  Don't worry, the pigeon is not
hurt.  Here is Mr. Blue checking out this new
Next I planted the bird in the pasture, and
let the pups find it for themselves.  Here is
Mr. Red showing excitement and
restraint...for a moment.
Here is Miss White carrying the pigeon to do they know that is their job?  I
guess 1,000 years of breeding the instinct into
them can not be ignored.  Again, do not worry,
the pigeon is not hurt, Vizslas are
soft-mouthed, and his harness helps keep out
the puppy teeth.
The puppies are 7 weeks old now, and
they love playing with our young friends.
Fun for the whole family!
All the brothers and sisters go for an evening
romp in the pasture.  They naturally play "Follow
the Leader".
A big Thank You to my niece and nephew for helping
with swim practice!  All the pups had the mechanics of
swimming down right away.  Only Miss Lime was
nervous in the water.  Above, Miss Orange, and below,
Miss Purple demonstrate their natural abilities.
I have been waiting for this!  The pups are finally 8
weeks old, and that is the perfect time to do show
evaluations.  Here are some adorable face shots, the
stacked photos are coming soon, as we work through
the evaluation process this weekend.
Mr. Red
Mr. Light Blue
Miss Yellow
Miss Purple
Miss Lime
Miss Orange
These two photos are Miss White,
just look at that face!
Below are the stacked photos of each pup.  This
profile view, plus front and rear and most
importantly, the actual visual of the dog's
movement is what we evaluate when looking for
show quality.  Which one do you think has that
WOW factor?
Mr. Red
Miss Yellow
Miss Purple
Miss Lime
Miss White
Miss Orange
Mr. Light Blue
This is my final week with my unexpected, but
much-enjoyed litter.  I can't imagine life without each
one of these precious gems, but I know their new
families will give them a truly wonderful home.

There has been a lot of last minute "nail biting" by the
families on my Primary and Secondary Waiting Lists, and
I honestly appreciate your patience while we decided IF
and WHICH puppy is the right one for you.
Below you can see these happy Vizsla
puppies during their last week with me.  
Enjoy the cuteness!
Miss Orange has an early morning tussle with our heavy-duty hose.
Mr. Red and Mr. Light Blue kindly pose.
Miss Purple reminds me so much of Zara when she
was a little they are together.  It's like
looking at "Mini Me".
Sweet Miss White uses her sister as a pillow.
Miss Lime is precious whether she
is awake or asleep...and I think
she is aware of that!
Now all of Vino and Zara's puppies are off to their new
homes, where I know they will enjoy many adventures
with their new families.

I give each of you my heartfelt  
full life ahead of you!!!
The pups are grown, and following is a glimpse of
each of them in their new lives.  Being true
"Versatile Vizslas" they have many "jobs": family
companion, tracking, hunting, showing, therapy,
obedience, and of course, being the apple of their
family's eye!!!
Above is Miss Purple relaxing next to Miss
Orange.  Now, Miss Purple is Maggie, and she
lives in Idaho.  Maggie LOVES to find all the Quail
on their daily walks!
Here is Maggie playing in her new swimming pool.  She is
constantly entertaining her family!
Meet Sesta (formerly Miss Orange).  She is lucky
enough to live on a farm in the Capay Valley.  
She came back to visit us while her family was on
vacation, and what they are always saying is
true: "She is soo sweet!".
Sesta gets around, playing at the beach, and
hiking in the hills, Summer 2012.
Yes, even Vizslas relax (sometimes-HA!).
Good girl, Sesta!
Photo by Aimee Peart.
Miss Yellow, now Khya, is loved and spoiled (in a
good way) by her new family in the Bay Area.
She is lucky enough to live with an adult Vizsla
who has an outstandingly calm and good
character-yeah, Meaka!
Meaka and Khya are best buds.
August 2012.
Khya models for the camera, April 2013.
Khya celebrates her first birthday with a
baked bone cookie just for her.
Wait for it, wait...wait-good girl!
Introducing Barley, formerly Miss Lime.  
She enjoys time with her new family,
where of course, she is the Queen.
Photo by Aimee Peart.
Whether she is fishing (see above in her
wading pool, or hiking, or snoozing with her
housemates, Barley is a HAPPY girl!
Barley celebrates her first St. Patrick's Day
with family.  I bet the cat is GREEN with
envy that the dogs get to go out and have
all the fun.
March 2013.
Meet Harley, formerly Mr. Light Blue.  He
grows up to be a BIG boy, his owners could
only hold him like this the first 2 months.
He has a BIG heart to match!
Harley came back for a visit, and seems to
ponder the pasture of his youth in the
evening light.
September 2012.
"Hey Mom, What is all this cold, white
stuff?", Harley asks with those adorable eyes.
First Snow, Winter 2012-13.
Harley visits with his canine family, and
chooses the toy that matches his
collar-smart dog!
January 2013.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Harley demonstrates patience (he gets that
from his Mom, Zara), while waiting for the OK to devour his Birthday
Bone.  Then he poses outside like a grown-up puppy.
April 2013.
Ariel (a.k.a. Miss White) enjoys her first
Christmas with her family in Utah.  
December 2012.
Ariel met up with some family members
for a training session in March 2013.  
Here she sits politely next to her
Grandfather, Budha.
What a great life!  Lucy, Sailor, and
Ariel pose while they are on a family
hike together.
Ariel's owner has started to train her for tracking.  
This is new for both of them, but with a versatile
Vizsla, anything is possible!
Above is Ariel confidently following the track.  I was
lucky enough to visit Utah, and see this girl in action!
April 2013
This is Ariel pointing her very first bird,
since she left my house as a tiny pup. is all natural-these dogs are
hunting machines!
April 2013.
Aptly named Rez (in Hungarian it means
"copper"), our former Mr. Red cuddles his
new housemate, Lacey.  She is very patient
with the little guy! July 2012.
Above you can see Rez learning the art of hunting and
retrieving at only a few months old.  Below, you can
see the Dynamic Duo: Lacey and Rez on the hunt.
Rez looks just like his Dad, Vino, in the face.  
Handsome boys if I do say so myself!
April 2013.
ZING!!!  Rez stops on a dime when he catches
scent at the Fun Field Day at Hastings Island,
April 2013.

If you have not tried field events with your Vizsla,
go to the Fun Field Day (hosted by the Vizsla
Club of Northern California), it is open for all levels
to try.

Overall, it looks like each and every pup
in this litter is growing up in a grand
way, learning new things and loving
their families more each day.
Aristo's Enchanting Ariel, CGC
CH. Aristo's Debreceny Rez, JH
Aristo's Sesta Da Zara
Aristo's Khya
Aristo's Handsome Harley Ruaidhri
This lovely lady has all the right moves!  
Here Khya has a
nice win in Napa in
November 2013.
(photo by Callea)
Congratulations Rez!!!
Here he is finishing his Championship with a major
BOW win at a
Specialty in Oregon!
Spectators and judges alike often say how much they
like his smooth, effortless, captivating movement-what
a nice compliment!
July 2016.