GCH. Aristo's Zensational Zara, CGC
UKC BIS GCH/Am. & Int'l CH. Sugar Kokeny, CGC,TD,JH,RN x CH. Criodain's Brenna of Aristo, CGC
Zara was born here April 17, 2011, and at about 1 minute old,
she made a connection with me.  I have been entranced by her
ever since!  She is a very happy & sweet girl, and she has an
unusual trait for a Vizsla: she is patient.  This makes her very
easy to live with in the real world.
Zara is a natural in the show ring (like her mother, Brenna),
and quickly achieved her Championship and Grand
Championship.  Earning an Award of Merit (AOM) at the VCNC
Specialty in 2014 was a thrill!

Zara has inherited her refined good looks and outgoing
temperament from her mother, Brenna, and her proper
substance, smooth movement and calmer character from her
father, Budha.

Zara had a litter in 2012, and her babies are already proving
themselves as wonderful gifts to their new families.  See more
on the Vizsla Litter 2012 page.
Breeder: Joye Bondanza
Aristo Acres
DNA: V660884
OFA Cardiac Echo: Normal
OFA Thyroid: Normal
OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Eyes: Normal/clear
Von Willebrands: Normal
CHIC #: 98496
Zara finds the pheasant-steady girl!
Looks like Toys R Us exploded on
our patio...Nope, our pups are
not spoiled at all.
Zara, June 2011.
Enjoy the following cute puppy photos.  
If you want to see even younger photos
of Zara, she is the pup with the pink Ric
Rac collar on the Vizsla Litter 2011 page.
Here comes Puppy Love!  Zara, June 2011.
Zara, July 2011
I am powerless to resist
this face!  Now you know
why I HAD to keep her!!!  
Zara, July 2011.
Now it is time for Zara to grow up, and even though
she is a 6-month-old teenager, she starts off VERY
well at the shows.
(photo by Marilyn Fox)
Here is Zara strutting her stuff at her very first
show, October 30, 2011; she is 6 months old.  This
day she wins Reserve, but the next day she wins
Best Of Winners for a 4-point major, and at her
next show she wins Best of Winners again for
another 4-point major plus Best Bred By Exhibitor.  
Wow, we are having a big stroke of good luck, what
fun with such a young puppy.
Zara impresses the judge with her happy expression,
correct form and good movement.  Good Girl!  
November 2011.
(Photo by Holloway)
Zara in the line up at a local show (I am in the
purple suit).  She LOVES the bait!  Since there are
no more shows in our area over the Winter, we will
work on Hunting and Obedience.  
There is always a fun game going on here at
Aristo Acres.  Zara has the ball and is in the lead
as her brother, Boomer, tries to catch up to her.
January 2012.
As Zara prepares for her unplanned litter, she
practices cuddling with Taser.  I think she will
be a natural mother!  March 2012.
April 27, 2012

You are witnessing something very special here.  This
is Zara's first full night as a new mother.  In the quiet
and darkness of the wee hours, when all you can hear
is the soft mewing of contented newborns, somehow,
all is calm, all is bright.
Happy Mother's Day!  Miss White gives her
Mom a kiss.
Zara naps with her 2 1/2-week-old pups after a
feeding.  I guess it is an exhausting, sleep,
eat, sleep, repeat.  Lucky Dogs!
Zara is preaching to her pups, but only Miss White
seems to be listening.
June 2012
Zara turned out to be a superb Mother, and
all her pups are in fabulous homes...some
will hunt, show, track, do Obedience, and of
course be the BEST pets!
After the puppies, Zara returned to her normal figure
quickly.  Here she is in September, 2012 winning
Back-to-Back Best of Breeds.
One of the judges commented that it was a relief to
see a Vizsla with a proper tail-I agree.
To end 2012, Zara, Boomer and I pose for the
camera in Santa's Sleigh.  They are hoping for
BIG rawhides in their stockings!!
To start 2013, Zara has a photoshoot in preparation
for making my ad for the Vizsla Club of America
National Show Catalog.  
Here are a couple shots of my pretty girl, and below
is the actual ad, designed by Jayney Adams of
Jayney's Creative Works.
At the first show of the year for 2014, Zara
wins!  Above is a photo where you can see
Zara's beautiful trot and correct tail carriage.
March 2014.
(photo by Aimee Peart)
Zara in wildflowers, April 2014.
(photo by Cook Phodography)
Zara wins more points toward her
Grand Championship.  August 2013.
There were so many nice pictures from her
photoshoot in January 2013, that I had to
include a couple more, seen above.
(photo by Cook Phodography)
Zara is my little girl!  September 2014.
(Photo by Studio 530)
(Photo by Cook Phodography)
Another win for Zara!  September 2013.
My little girl wins BOS, and I win Best Amateur Owner
Handler, May 2014.

We racked up several of these wins, and even though I
stopped showing Zara in August (when she finished her
Grand Championship), we had enough points to end the year
for 2014 as
9th in the country for Amateur Owners!!  This
garnered us an invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba
Championship show in Orlando, Florida (you can see it on
TV).  What an honor!
(Photo by Cook Phodography)
(Photo by Cook Phodography)
New GRAND Champion!!!
Zara finished her Grand CH. title with 4 and 5
point majors.  Considering we compete with Top
Twenty dogs who have professional handlers and
owners with deep pockets and advertising
budgets, this is a very proud moment for me, as
her Breeder/Owner/Handler.