CH. Criodain's Brenna of Aristo, C.G.C.
BISS CH. Szikra's Dan D. Lion x CH. Banker's Magnolia Belle
Brenna has had two LOVELY litters: May 2, 2008 and April 17, 2011...she is an excellent
producer in every way.  See more on each litter's page.

Brenna is a Champion, has passed her Canine Good Citizen test, and now we are starting
Tracking.  She is a natural!  Go ahead, get lost in the wilds, and she will find you.  There
is just so much fun to be had with a Versatile Vizsla!

Her sire was the #1 Vizsla in the country for 2005, and we are proud to contribute to his
list of winning get.  With her wonderful, out-going temperament, and ability to produce
beautiful puppies, I am so pleased with my little girl from back East.  It is amazing to see
how well all of our dogs live & play truly warms the heart.
Tim & Linda Creedon
Criodain Vizslas
Brenna & I wait for our flight home from JFK Airport
Brenna at 8 weeks old...irresistable!
Brenna at one-and-a-half years old winning
4 point major!  Thank you to her handler,
Jean Hargis!!!
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Cardiac Echo: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Von Willebrands: Normal
CERF Eyes: Normal
Thank you to handlers Jean and Josh Hargis for their help along the road to getting Brenna's

Brenna and Jester's puppies were born May 2, 2008.  See their photos and a webshow below, and
more photos and updates from the adult puppies on the "Vizsla Litter 2008" page.

Brenna's second litter was born April 17, 2011.  You can see photos of the chosen stud, Budha,
on his website  Also look on my "Vizsla Litter 2011" page.  
My  puppies are all sold, but for more breeders contact the Vizsla Club of Northern California's
Breeder Referral person, Kay Ingle,
In our litter born May 2, 2008, we welcomed 6 boys and
1 girl.  Brenna was tired (a LONG labor!), and Jester was
a very proud Papa.
I'm enjoying the new brood!
Pictured here at 3 days old.
Jester overlooks his babies, and Brenna
does not mind.
Even though they can not really see yet, they follow Mom-the-milk-wagon like
the pied piper, and are noticing things in their environment.
Here is a big treat for all of you puppy people!!!  One of your fellow puppy families
produced a FABULOUS webshow of the puppies.  (They are professional
photographers, Jarvis Photography, so if any of you breeders or dog lovers want
them to capture your pups, let me know.)
Click on the link below and have your volume up:
Puppies Slideshow
Above you can see the pups in action...swimming lessons, running as a
pack, and finally asleep while their father, Jester, keeps watch over his
babies.  They will have their final evaluations for temperament and show
quality this weekend, then they will go to their new homes next week.  
We will miss all of these munchkins!!!
Jester and Brenna's puppies went to their new homes July 2008, except
for Mr. Green who stayed with us as our new lovebug!  Thankfully each of
the puppies have found sincerely terrific homes, and I know both people
and pups will be happy!

Above you can see Brenna having a romp on the furniture with her
babies, and the pups posing for the camera.

Raising the puppies was exciting, exhausting, and full of fun.  Each of
these puppies is special, I wish much happiness to  their new families.
8 weeks old
First week of July 2008
After getting her figure back from
having puppies, Brenna wins Best of
Breed from the classes, Fall 2008.

7 weeks old, end of June 2008
Brenna shows off at home April 2009.
Summer Fun!
Brenna and Vino stalk the "weasel" toy.  
July 2009
This is what a happy dog looks like.
Brenna strains her head closer to
the toy without moving her
feet...pretty girl in every pose.
(photo by Callea)
(photo by Cook Phodography)
February 2010, Brenna shows 3 of her sons  
(Sawyer, Vino, Bodi) how to fetch the ball, and
then she cools off in a big, muddy puddle.
Photo by Aimee Peart
Brenna LOVES the water.
(Photo by Carolyn Royal)
We went to the park one day in
September 2010, and our friend
Carolyn Royal was kind enough to
take pictures of Brenna with her
nice camera.  
She's a beauty!
Brenna and I enjoy the morning
sun before it gets hot, hot, HOT!
PUPPIES!  Brenna's second (and final)
litter arrived April 17, 2011.  See more
on the "Vizsla Litter 2011" page.
All 3 boys and 2 girls are bellied up to the
milk bar at 3 days old.
Brenna is truly a wonderful mother.
I am THRILLED with each puppy in
this litter, breeding Budha and Brenna
turned out to be a stroke of genius if
I do say so myself!!
(photo by Sherry-new puppy person)
Miss Lavender leans on her sister, Miss Pink
at 9 weeks old.
Miss Pink (on the left) is staying here, she
spoke to me the minute she was born.  Miss
Lavender is going to live with her sire, and be
a Tracking, Hunting, Obedience, and Show dog
July 2011: Now that her Mothering duties have finished, Brenna is
looking forward to the next adventure...who knows what the future
will bring?  
Well, the future brought puppies from Zara, which
makes Brenna a Grandmother!  Here is Brenna
overlooking the little ones.  She really enjoys
playing with them, and licks them like they were
her own babies.
June 2012.
From 2015 to 2019, my dogs and I lived in
Tennessee, and they enjoyed living in a
neighborhood with friendly neighbors.  Brenna
still looks so young, and bounces around like a
youngster, so people thought she was a
pup...then I told them she was a Grandmother!
Brenna coming to me in 2017...always
so cheerful!
Sitting like a Queen in her field of clover,
here is Brenna just before her 13th
Birthday, in June 2018.
Now at our new home in North Carolina,
Brenna soaks up a spot of sunlight in
November, 2019