(Photo by Cook Phodography)
CH. Pirok's Sazzie Suzie O' Aristo
BISS CH. Pirok Kannon, JH  x  CH. Pirok Kodos, JH
Suzie was THE sweetest, most gentle dog I've ever known.  She made
some people think that they wanted a Vizsla after meeting her, but she
was extra-calm, and I tried to explain that they would never get one like
her. So true.
After retiring from the show ring, she enjoyed her official duties of "couch
potato" and "assistant cook" in the kitchen.  Of course, if a bit fell to the
floor, she was the taste-tester, too!  She loved to hunt rabbits, moles,
voles, birds, etc. in my horse pastures in California, and in my backyard in
Tennessee.  True quality is timeless.
Thyroid: Normal
DNA# V288993
OFA hips: Excellent
CERF: Normal
Breeder: Paul & Linda Collins
Pirok Vizslas
(Twins!  Suzie with Tex when they were actually the same size.)
Suzie & Jester
Suzie (in the red collar) loves to chase
lizards around the fire pit.  Fall 2008.
Suzie defeats 42 class dogs to win Best of Winners at
the Vizsla Club of  Northern California
Specialty in
(This was not a supported entry despite what it says in the
photo. Photo by Ken Obrien).
Now that she is a Veteran, there is no
slowing down...Suzie is hot on the trail of
a varmint in the pasture, spring 2010.
Suzie and Taser cuddle on our bed...or should
we say "their" bed.
At 9 years old, Suzie is and always will
be the pearl in our oyster!
Suzie just LOVES getting out to greet people at shows.  
Here she is in the Veteran Sweeps class at the Vizsla Club
of Northern California Specialty, June 2013.
Celebrating her 11th Birthday, Suzie soaks
up the Springtime sun.
March 2014.
This is a little out of order, since this photo was taken
in July of 2010, when Suzie was 7, but it fits with
these last few photos on her webpage, where she is
soaking up the sun.
Here's the whole gang at our new house in Tennessee, April
2016.  From left to right: Vino, Suzie, Zara, and Brenna.
Suzie liked to sit in this "human" pose, with her rear end
on the "seat", and her legs out front.  Funny, her father
liked to sit in the same manner.

This photo was taken about 1 week before she died.  
Thankfully, she was happy and running around like a
normal Vizsla until her last day.

May you rest for eternity in the warm sunlight, my
SWEET girl.